The Sky Saw Us
Winner of the 2021 Innovative Short Fiction Contest, judged by Elle Nash.
The Conium Review

Corporate Structure
The first floor is where the creatives conceptualize, write, illustrate, and film ads.
Misery Tourism

These 5 Books Go 6 Feet Deep
Grave robbery. If you think it’s a relic of gothic novels, think again.

Grab Jif out the fridge, crush half a Fentanyl, mix it up. Smear the peanut butter on the trap’s trigger, then put it in the middle of the yard.

A New Home
The moment Andrea walked through its front door, the East Side apartment began tracking her data.

Important Information from the City of Los Angeles
The Department of City Planning has received complaints that some of these children may not be children at all.
Every Day Fiction

My People in the Stars
He had never seen a man with such thin wrists. They seemed fragile, like the bones under his skin would be as hollow as a bird’s.
Andromeda Spaceways

The Shadow Hills Arts & Culture Festival Survival Guide
We’ve written the ultimate guide to the ultimate blowout.

Inter-Departmental Meeting Regarding Proposed Changes to Corporate Philosophy
So sad, Gerald. She’s leaving you. Buck up and stick to the schedule.
L0w L1f3

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