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A New Home
The moment Andrea walked through its front door, the East Side apartment began tracking her data.

Grab Jif out the fridge, crush half a Fentanyl, mix it up. Smear the peanut butter on the trap’s trigger, then put it in the middle of the yard.

These 5 Books Go 6 Feet Deep
Grave robbery. If you think it’s a relic of gothic novels, think again.

My People in the Stars
He had never seen a man with such thin wrists. They seemed fragile, like the bones under his skin would be as hollow as a bird’s.
Andromeda Spaceways

The Shadow Hills Arts & Culture Festival Survival Guide
We’ve written the ultimate guide to the ultimate blowout.

Important Information from the City of Los Angeles
A newly developed stray-dog targeting technology will be activated in all LAPD AI drones.
Every Day Fiction

Inter-Departmental Meeting Regarding Proposed Changes to Corporate Philosophy
So sad, Gerald. She’s leaving you. Buck up and stick to the schedule.
L0w L1f3